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2 Jan

Mom Dot has an awesome giveaway this month: They are giving away the Keurig Platinum Brewer!!!! I would love to win this machine. I have a similar machine; The Tassimo. I love the machine and use it every day; but I will say that I do enjoy the brands of coffee the Keurig has over the Tassimo. I really wish the Tassimo would come out with the great flavors offered if you have a Keurig Machine. My sister-in-law has the Keurig and my Parent-in-laws do too. As a result, I have used this machine and tasted many of the great coffees. I am a little jealous of all the flavors the Keurig has over the... 

2 Jan

I got my mom a big cup cake pan from Williams and Sonoma for her birthday. Last night she tried the pan out and her creation is seen here! Isn’t it the cutest thing? She said it was very easy to make and it came out of the pan very easily. You use one box of cake mix or your favorite recipe and cook as directed in the pan. Then decorate how you like. So many different ways you could decorate. Wouldn’t this be cute for Valentine’s Day? Decorate it with pink icing and sprinkle with candy hearts. Cute and easy! Below is what it looks like cut. Amazon has the Wilton cupcake... 

1 Jan

Since tradition dictates that every 365 days, you should try to kick bad habits and start your life anew, here I go again! Time to make those resolutions and pray we can keep them. Last year I vowed to loose weight by exercising and eating less… Unfortunately, I did not have a weight loss, but I did exercise at least three times a week. So I can’t beat myself up too much – but I do! So here I go again, hoping and praying I can loose some of that 50 pounds that really does not belong on my body. Let’s get rid of that wonderful muffin top that came with having two beautiful children.... 

31 Dec

Janice at Five Minutes for Mom recently did a Podcast with Jon from the hit TLC reality show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight… guess what, she asked one of my questions to Jon. If you click her second clip of the podcast at you can hear her say my name, the name of my blog, and my question with Jon’s answer! Thanks so much Janice for using my question!!!! I was so excited to see it tonight. I emailed & facebooked everyone I know the link to your post. Hopefully Jon will remember my name too… hee-hee!!! A few... 

31 Dec

Random things that I am thankful for in 2008: Beware, I am getting a little more personal than I normally do in this post! My friends… I have the greatest groups of friends. They all mean so much to me and I feel blessed to have them in my life. I believe that each person is put in your life for a reason and no friendship is a mistake! My parents… I thank God every day for my mom and dad. I have the greatest set of parents who love me unconditionally. Not to mention they are the best grandparents ever. Plus they have a great marriage which I look up to. My husband is my soul mate. Sure we... 

17 Dec

My friend Jennifer S. has been so creative lately… I had to share two of her creations: The first is little pinatas shaped like ornaments. You could make these and stuff them with lottery tickets and place on each guests plate on Christmas Eve… They could crack them open see if they were a big winner. Lastly are these cute Jello Jigglers shaped like candy canes. She used whip cream for the stripes. Very cute Jennifer… Thanks for sharing with the blogging world!  

14 Dec

Forget bows… leave a basket of hangers out and go upstairs for a few minutes and look what my Cindy Lou Who did to the tree.  

14 Dec

I am a bit behind on this contest due to some family issues… but we have a winner. Post number 8 was drawn randomly: I found your site thru TipJunkieI teach 1st grade in Fl. I am my favorite teacher!!! Thanks for the chance to win such great stuff. Oh and 12/11 is my bday so it would be a great present to myself indeed!!  

3 Dec

Here are the gifts Santa is considering for my Little Map Loving Man this year. Maybe my ideas will give you ideas. Just some great toys for a five to seven year old! If you click on the image you can read more about the product and you can also read reviews from people who have purchased the items in the past! Some Other Things That Look Cool and I know a kiddo Would Love: These two things are on his wish list… but Santa can’t afford the first one and the second one: he asks for this but never plays with the GEOTRAX anymore. They look really cool though!Here are some toys that get... 

23 Nov

I have decided to join in on all the giving that comes with owning a blog. As I explore this blogging world, I have found that many blogs give away treats. I have even won a few. I thought I would spread some love and give away a Teaching Heart Basket. What You Get If You Win!!!1.) Two Teaching Heart CDROMS Graphing CDROM CD Volume 1 Includes:Back to School, The Penguin Packet, The Winter Packet, Fall & Halloween Cute Red Penguin SocksA Yankee CandleBath and Body works Hand CreamPocket ChartTeaching Heart Mouse PadRhyming Words CD... 

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