July 23, 2024

Should I Give Up Facebook For Lent?

I arrived home this weekend from a short trip with this funny email in my inbox from my very creative friend who always has a way with words… I thought I would share it because I am hoping I am not one of the only pathetic moms who facebook too much… Figured someone else may relate and like a laugh too. I did leave out names; but besides that, the note is in it’s original form!!

Dear Colleen Gallagher,

As a courtesy to our most “dedicated” Facebookers, we keep an eye out for any and all suspicious activity on accounts. We noticed something extremely unusual with your Facebook account this past weekend. You did not post a status, you did not tag anyone with a quiz, you did not check your Facebook account every half hour for new status updates on your friends, you sent no drinks, you did not add any old boyfriends, and you did not harass your friends at any point.

We here at Facebook just wanted to make sure that you were still happily addicted to our service and intend on coming back to us very soon. If there is any way we can make your experience better, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing you the highest quality service possible.

And thank you, Colleen, for getting so many of your Moms ands More friends addicted. You are helping us take over the world, one stay at home mom at a time. Hope to see you active soon!
The Facebook Staff
Thanks to my friend Beth for making us all laugh with her Facebook email!

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(So, I am sure my friend would not mind if you copy this email and send it to one of your friends that you feel may be a little bit too into Facebook.)
UPDATE: Well, I decided that I like Diet Soda more than Facebook (really I drink more than the two to four times a day I log on to facebook)… so I am giving up the Diet Soda. All my friends that love Facebook too, I am still beside you in Facebook world! See you on Facebook!