June 24, 2024

Sticker and Dice Games


Pack of stickers with enough sheets for each player and extra to use on the key. You can use any kind of stickers. Look for sheets that have five different stickers (good with one die) or 11 stickers (good for 2 dice).
Dice -one for ages 2-4 and two for ages 4-8.

Key (For one die) (For two dice)
Click the above links to download the key you will use!!!

Something to put the stickers on. You can make it match the season. A heart for Valentine’s day or a Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day… We used dinosaur stickers last week and just put them on plain paper.

Here is a picture of a finished key for a pair of dice.
How to play:

Each player has a turn rolling the dice. The first one to use all their stickers wins!
Both my kids (ages 3 and 6) can play this together or by themselves.