August 14, 2022

1.2.3.. Let the Craziness Begin! (Hodge Podge Christmas)

Ok, lots going on here… Can you check these items off your list??? Cookies, CHECK!  Over 9 dozen done.  Some given as gifts and others are ready to tray over the Holidays!!! Son’s classroom teacher gift done…  We collected enough money to get this o-so cute running bag with running goodies.  Also she is getting […]

It’s not Christmas Without the Polar Express!!!

I have loved the Polar Express since I first read it to my class when I was student teaching.  It touched my heart and made the magic of Christmas shine a little brighter.  Since that first Christmas season when I first took a ride through the pages of the Polar Express, I began reading it […]

Do It Yourself Easy Homemade Gifts with These Fun Printables…

I love making gifts for my friends, family, classroom, and neighbors over the holidays.  Just a little something to let them know I think they make my life special.  It’s great when I can think of a cute printable to attach to an everyday item to make it a wonderful Christmas treat…  Here are a few […]

Christian Christmas Children’s Book Review

Pretty soon we will pack up the Fall books and bring out all the winter and Christmas stories.  Here’s a new one I just reviewed for the Vine program.  I really enjoyed it and thought I would share it with you! 17 Christmases is a Christmas adventure for a family that goes on a holiday road […]

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