July 17, 2024

It’s not Christmas Without the Polar Express!!!

I have loved the Polar Express since I first read it to my class when I was student teaching.  It touched my heart and made the magic of Christmas shine a little brighter.  Since that first Christmas season when I first took a ride through the pages of the Polar Express, I began reading it to all my classes.  I also based a week of lessons on a Christmas Train theme.  In 2004 I was ecstatic when the Polar Express came to the theaters!!!  It was my son (who is now 8) first movie in the theater.  He sat through the movie and did not make a peep! 
 Back in 2002, I created a Teaching Heart Polar Express Theme Unit that is used all over the country by creative teachers, you can view that at:
Be sure to check it out even if you have been once before.  Today I updated it.  Got rid of the dead links.  Added some new links.  Created two more free Christmas train printables.  I hope you will enjoy it.
I also wanted to share a great unit I recently surfed upon that is loaded with some fresh ideas and printables to match…  You will love it!  It is from the blog Chalk Talk.  You can view it at: http://larremoreteachertips.blogspot.com/2010/11/polar-express-unit.html 
Snow Falling Down On Christmas Eve
The Sound of a Train and it’s time to leave.
The Polar Express is here!
The sound of a hissing steam engine is all I hear.
“All Aboard” calls the conductor.
I jump on the train and off we roll.
I know we are off to the North Pole.
The train ride is bumpy, but there is nothing to fear.
Soon we will see Santa and his Reindeer.
The first gift of Christmas will be handed out.
“I want a bell from Santa’s Reindeer” is what the children shout.
The Polar Express stops at the North Pole
I feel like we have stopped in a snow bowl.
Santa picks me up and places me on his lap.
He asks if I would like a new ball cap.
He can tell I would like a bell.
He hands me one and says, “This bell looks swell!”
Do you hear the sound?
I believe I will hear it all year round!
What a magical night.
The Polar Express has filled me with delight!
By:  Colleen Gallagher @ www.teachingheart.net