July 23, 2024

Why I Gave Up Store SHopping on Black Friday!

This year I decided with help from my non-shopping husband to stay home on Black Friday and do my shopping online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  Did you know that all the deals you get in the store can be had online if you have quick fingers, and do lots of refreshing of the desired item…  We got a great-super-fantastic deal on a computer package this season.  I also saved about 200 dollars on my children’s Christmas presents.  I got my parents a high sought after electronic for $100 cheaper than regular price.  I saved in the comfort of my home.  Here comes the but….

Shopping Online this black Friday has been easy and I have gotten some great deals… but something in me misses the rush of pushing and shoving and grabbing items out of the other shoppers’ hands.  Plus I love to people watch on this day…  Last year I was in Vermont and headed out at 2am and returned with a coffee maker and a My Little Pony that I later returned!!!  I did however realize I may be a little sick in the head… I would do mean things like see a lady looking at the last Zhu Zhu pet and grab it before she could… I would then walk around the store and relocate the most wanted item in the underwear department… I then realized that black Friday was turning me evil!  Not only was it turning me evil, I would buy things I did not need because peer pressure was getting to me…  Why did everyone rush to get that coffee maker, I needed one too… NO!  Thoughts would float in my head…  “Look, I have seen six people with a special edition My Little Pony, I must have one.”  I would then wait in the long line and join in long conversation with other shopping strangers about the next spot to hit for yet another item that was not on my list! 

So now I am online with my cup of coffee, in my PJ’s getting great deals on my couch…  Later my son and I will do some mother-son bonding at a Paint a Plate venue with some of his old friends.  I will see all those shoppers pulling their hair out and a small part of me will be a little jealous that I did not get to join in the fun this year.  
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