June 24, 2024

It’s a Leap Year…

Did you know that it is a Leap Year?  Yep – February 29 comes once every 4 years, every Leap Year, that is — and this is one of them!!!

You know I love to start any holiday off with a book or two…  Follow the link to many Leap Year Books on Amazon – Leap Year Books

Teachers be sure to read the Leap Day page for teachers here. 

Family Fun shares printable Frog Orgami

Teaching Tips and Training shares some ideas here.

Scholastic Shares a Few Ideas as well.

Leap Year Song(Tune of Bingo)
There was a year called Leap Year,
And February was its name-o,
L-E-A-P Y-E-A-R,
L-E-A-P Y-E-A-R,
L-E-A-P Y-E-A-R,
And February was its name-o.

Be sure to check out the Teaching Heart Leap Day/ Year Packet.  It is filled with lovely printables to make teaching about Leap Day fun for the kiddos and easy for you!!!  Click here to learn more and to order!!!