June 17, 2024

Leap Frog Letter Factory Giveaway # 10

As a teacher and a parent, I have to say Leap Frog has some of the best “teaching” products. Whenever I speak to Kindergarten or Preschool Parents or Teachers I ALWAYS suggest The Letter Factory Video! It rocks and it will help your kiddos learn their letter sounds.
I also love the Leapster. I am not a big fan of “screen time”. But, Iwill admit I can be guilty of giving my kids too much screen time on some days… but I feel less guilty when it is on the Leapster. All the games are fun and teach skills in math and reading. Both of my kiddos have Leap Pads and I love those too. I truthfully haven’t found a Leap Frog product I do not like.

This is one of the best learning DVD’s I have seen. It will be a great watch for the Pre-k to first grade classrooms. The DVD teaches the letter names. Most importantly, it teaches the letter sounds in a creative way. Viewers see the letters, hear the letter names, they see a picture/video that represents the sound each letter makes, and the viewer hears a catchy tune to match the letter sound. For instance, the letter C is shown in a cold environment with ice hanging from it. The letter comes to life by shivering and stating that it is /c/ /c/ /c/…. old. Then the characters in the story sing the catchy Leapfrog song; “The C says/c/, the C says /c/, every letter makes a sound. The C says /c/. This DVD/VHS is marketed towards parents to use with their PreK to First grader, but all teachers need to know about this video and share it with their class. It would be a great review or introduction to letter sounds. Teachers could also use the catchy phrases and visual representation of the letter sounds in their lessons by creating activities or visuals based on the video. Students will see the sounds letters make, hear the sounds, and sing the sounds. This video combined with strong phonics based classroom instruction will help reach a variety of learning styles and lead your students on the path to becoming strong readers.


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Parents and Teachers

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