June 18, 2024

Groundhog Draw a Rhyme Free Printable

Happy weekend all!  Here in the Pittsburgh area we are having a little bit of wintery weather…  So far it has been a mild winter.  But I know Fe. can be brutal.  Speaking of weather, you all know Phil right?  I made a little free printable you may like to use on his big day!

Erase and Draw a Rhymes are a great way to throw in some rhyming fun!  In the past I have shared the free Gingerbread one here.  There is a Cupid one here – It is part of the Vday Packet.    Here is one you can use on Feb. 2nd to help you celebrate Groundhog Day with your class.

You can choose to give everyone in your class page 2.  Read the class the rhyme on page 1 and have them draw in the parts as you go.  I would do this with Kindergarten and PreK.  For first and second you can give them the sheet to fill in and then page 2 for them to draw once they have filled in the blanks.


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Have a great weekend!