July 19, 2024

Inexpensive DIY Valentine Cards For Students and Teachers

I always have fun making my own Valentine’s Day cards and treats.  This year I have a few new ones.  A few days ago I shared the M&M one and yesterday I shared the Fruit Roll-up Valentine.  Today I have four to share and guess what????  Yep, four free printables for you to use and create your own…  This is what I would like to share with you…

All super cute and super cheap…

Let’s start with the DOTS candy. 

 “I love that you DOT your i’s and cross your t’s in my class!  Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Super Easy and Fun.  You can download the printable by clicking here!!!

 Who doesn’t love POP ROCKS? 
“Valentine, You ROCK!!!”  Just print and tape on. 
You can get Pop Rocks at the dollar store in packs of three. 
The ones on Amazon are the mini packs in bulk of 20. 

You can download my printable here.




  How about giving the kiddos a pair of socks!  You can buy socks in lots or at the dollar store… 
Attach a tag that reads, “Valentine, we make a great pair!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

You can download my sock printable here!

Mini Handsanatizers make a useful treat on Valentine’s Day given that Flu season is in full swing around that time!

I made a cute tage that will fit a bottle.

You can download the printable above here. 

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