July 17, 2024

Scratch V-Day Cards

Drum roll….  Our 2011 V-day card. I love the scratch stickers.  Have you seen them?  They are just like the lotto scratch ones.  All you do is place the sticker on something.  Then scratch to reveal!  I have used these when I present as door prizes, I use them at showers for the game; Guess who the bride will see at the altar.  (more on that in June)… 

You can buy them on amazon.  500 Round Scratch Off Labels Stickers with Scratch Here  They are cheap and come in lots.  This year, I used them on the kids V-day cards.  They are heart shaped!  My son and daughter are thrilled. 

First up is the princess Valentine card with Princess Fruit snacks attached and under that scratch heart is a picture of my daughter.  It says, “Scratch to see who thinks you are special!”

Second up is the Mario Valentine.  Mario is throwing a Valentine Treat at you!  Scratch to see who it is from!