June 17, 2024

Quick Drying Gingerbread Paint

I wanted a paint that would dry fast and I found it!!!  It literally took about 8 minutes for paint to dry the second it hit the paper.  It smelled good too!

Mix 1 cup liquid tempera paint, 1/4 cup liquid laundry starch,  2-3 Tbsp liquid dish-washing or laundry detergent, and some cinnamon and ginger.

I used the recipe to make the little Gingerbread Man below with Preschool Kiddos.

 We painted the arms and legs with the paint.  We used a small round brown plate for the body (but you could paint a plain paper plate).  We used contruction paper as the head.

We used the Free  Gingerbread Man Template Craft to create these.

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