July 17, 2024

Gingerbread Sensory Bin and More!

Have you seen all the NEW free printables posted at the blog this week?   If you missed, go check them out…  here is a quick list:

Gingerbread Counting Game!

Roll and Graph Gingerbread

Holiday Mallows Graphing and Sorting

Target Brand Festive Fruit Snacks Sorting and Graphing

Today we had some more Gingerbread Fun!

Here is an easy to make Gingerbread Sensory Table!
Basically White Rice – Mini Gingerbread Men from Oriental Trading, Plastic Candy Mints (Dollar Store), and small red and green circles.  The house in the middle is a box from the Dollar Store.

They worked in groups to sort the Gingerbread men into the Gingerbread House and then collected as many candy pieces as they could into their individual cups…  Only rule, you cannot use your hands – just use the grabbers to pick up the items.  They love this activity!!!

The smelly paint was lots of fun and went on great with the q-tips.  The houses turned out beautiful.  You can read more about the paint we used here. 

Snack was fun too as we sorted Marshmallows onto a sorting sheet!   You can get the sorting sheet we used here.

We all enjoyed the Gingerbread Game – free to print here.

 We took pictures of ourselves as the Gingerbread Baby and then did a little write up about how much fun it would be to be a Gingerbread Baby!

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First and Second Grade – click here!!!

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