July 17, 2024

Scratch and Sniff Paint!!!

Trying to find things to go along with  a Gingerbread unit that use our senses.  I wanted to paint Gingerbread houses and thought it would be great it they could smell yummy after they dry.  I figured out how… 

Grab some Kool-Aide or the Generic brand like I used (it is much cheaper and works as well).  Find small containers for each color.  Empty the packet into a container.  Add water slowly…  just enough to make the powder dissolve.  That is it!

Now you have some smelly paint.  I did find that q-tips work best for applying the paint.  It is a thinner paint and I liked it that way… but if you wanted it thicker, you could always add some of your tempra paint to each color. 

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