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20 Apr

God gave us so much to be thankful for while shinning a little sunshine on us for an extra bonus this Easter Weekend 2014!!!   Not just during Lent but all year it is so important to recall, “There is nothing left to fear. Nothing Heaven knows, For He died for us to give us life, And to give us hope He rose…” From the Veggie Tales Hope’s song!!! I managed to run 25 miles outside from  Thursday to Saturday and probably ate way more calories than I ran!!!  That brings me to this post and probably the reason I can’t loose weight (but that is another post).  LOL! ... 

17 Apr
Earth Day News Free to Print!

After Easter break, it will be Earth Day on April 22!!!  Are you ready with an activity or two for this day? Our Earth Day Packet – found here!  Is a big hit and will make the day educational and fun in grades 1 and 2! And here is some of the fun found on the Teaching Heart Earth Day Packet…  Click here to check it out more!!!  I have 2 free printables to share today… One is an Earth Day Word Search! The other is an earth Day News Report Form for creative Writing! To download these two free Earth Day Files, click here! Want more like the ones below, click here!    

14 Apr
Teaching Heart Makes Ressurection Eggs  Includes Many Free Printables!!!

Ever since I started teaching Faith Formation (CCD, Sunday School…) I always use the Resurrection Eggs during the Lent season in my third grade classroom.  In the past I have made the lap book seen here with my class or the little book seen here.  Both are very effective…  but this year I decided that I wanted each of my 18 students to make their own real Resurrection Eggs.  It turned out to be a great idea! I want to share with you how my class made our eggs (including free printables so you can make some too) and tell you how I use the story, Benjamin’s  Box to teach about... 

13 Apr
Rocking Around The Calendar Teaching Heart Tea

What a special treat to be the presenter at the Bower Hill Elementary School Kindergarten Tea in Peters Township, PA!  The Kindergarten Teachers, the Principal, and the PTA really strive to make this event such a fun and resourceful day for local Preschool and Kindergarten teachers. I am so excited to share the wonderful pictures I have from the day!!!   Perhaps it’s an idea your school may want to try! The Peters Township School District has presented the tea for years to local preschool teachers that feed Kindergarten students into the district.  It is their way of showing their partnership... 

1 Apr
Easter Teacher Gift Idea using play dough

Here is a free printable you can attach to the playdough we made at this post! I found the carrot eggs at the dollar store and added a ball of homemade play-dough.  May be a cute treat to hand out before Easter break.  The printable can be used for free and is found at the last page of this free set!      

31 Mar
Peep Paint - Salt!

  How much bunny fun can one teacher take?  I may be ALMOST bunny-ed out!!!   Maybe a post or two left on this topic and it will be time to move on!!!  Have to share this so fun craft!!!  I wish you could see the peeps better in the pictures.  We painted them with salt paint and when the paint dries, it feels and looks like how a real Peep feels and looks.  So fun!!! To make the paint: Combine 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup liquid laundry starch, 1 cup of salt and a few tablespoons of tempera paint.  When the peeps dry they will have a texture like a real peep!!! After we painted the Peep... 

30 Mar
Bunny Tail Ten Frame Game

Just finished a month of bunny fun with my favorite Preschool Bunch!!!  It was such a fun theme – you can get all my ideas here at E-Junkie or here at TPT!  Today I have a few free files to share with you just because I think you are one great BUNNY!!!   These are fun printables to introduce ten frames to pre-kinders or Kindergarteners. Here is a teaching display you can make.  Print pages 4 and 5, laminate, and cut.  Glue all to a board.  I put Velcro on the carrots and on top of the bunny head.  I add carrots while the students count.  Then we say the poems, “4 carrots on top. ... 

27 Mar
Peeps Bunny Digging for Carrot

I wanted a fun snack to end a bunny theme in Preschool…  So I typed in Bunny Peeps on Pinterest and got a ton of ideas!!! So I saw these on Pinterest… and decided… It looked like too much work for a week where I am suppose to be studying…  But I had a girlfriend who made these and she said it wasn’t bad… However, this looked easier…   No cutting involved… I found the pre-made carrot decorations at Target yesterday and that sealed the deal!!! However, if you want to go the extra mile… this blog will show you how to make carrots that look... 

25 Mar
Carrot Cake Play Dough Recipe

Whenever I do a theme in Preschool I like to try and create a play dough that goes along with the theme…  If you read my blog regularly you probably already know this – Chocolate Playdough for a farm theme and Oatmeal Play-Doh for The Three Bears and Goldilocks are just two examples.  For a bunny theme, I thought… carrot play dough!!!!! To make this you will need: 1 box of carrot cake mix, 2 cups of flour, 1 1/2 cups of salt, 6 tsp of cream of tartar, 6 tbls oil, 3 cups of water, -Carrot Shreds (Optional) , - Red and Yellow food coloring (I added about 2 drops of each color to... 

24 Mar
Bunny Peeps Dice Cover Up Game

Hopefully Spring will come some day in PA!!!  It’s a high of 32 here today… But we can add a little Spring teaching even if winter decided to stay.  Try some fun bunny games: Bunny Peeps Scream SPRING Fun!!!  Let’s play a counting game.  All you need is the game board below and found here, 2 dice, and markers (I used bunny crackers).  Students take turns rolling the dice, adding their roll, and covering the sum.  First person to cover all their peeps wins!   How about a bunny counting puzzle.  You can find the one below here!   Use the numbers to put the puzzle... 

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