June 16, 2024

Free Firefly Ideas and Printables

Finished up an insect unit today and did some Firefly activities.

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Had to read my 2 favorite firefly books.  These are must have!
Leo the Lightning Bug (with Audio CD) [Hardcover] and The Very Lonely Firefly (Penguin Young Readers, L2)

We also counted up some fireflies and put them in jars…


We made this firefly craft.  Band-aids were used as the body.  Add glow in the dark puffy paint for the fireflies little light.  Used colored band-aids or colored tape to make an X for the wings over the body.  Use chalk on black paper to draw a night sky.  I wrote a little poem that can be attached to this craft – it is the last page of this file. 


Mmm…  We ended the unit with a buggy snack.  Mud and worms!  The mud is chocolate pudding with crushed oreos as the dirt. The worms are gummies!    Kids of course loved these!


Made a little book found here free to download.

Firefly Free Printables

Click to Download this Free Firefly Pack!