September 28, 2023

Bee Hive Snack!

Honeycomb Beehive snacks!

Got this idea from Yums the Word! 
She gives awesome directions and hers are a little more fancier than mine!
I made the hive part and wanted the kids to make the bee part with the M&M’s!  Great ABAB pattern exercise!  They always have fun playing with their food!
They were very yummy – My 10 and 7 year old loved them and so did Pre-k!  Every kid ate them all up!

Anyhow for the best directions and tips visit Yums the Word! 

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Below are some of the resources you can print in the packet!

bee packet teachingheart bee packet teaching heart pocket charts

Fun with Bee Glyphs and pocket charts!!!   – get it now – click here!

bee glyph teachingheart Finger puppet printables –  teachingheart bug glove