July 23, 2024

China Cake Pops and Puppy Too!

My girlfriend, who happens to be my longest standing friend of 33 years.  I met her when I was five and in Kindergarten.  We were neighbors for a few years.  We went to elementary school together and stayed close friends through high school – even worked at Baskin Robbins in the early 90’s together.  In college and after we kept in touch.  She will always be a special part of my life.  She is moving to China for work.   I am happy for her as she is excited about this move.  This past weekend we sent her on her away with a little party.  The party was fun…

I wanted to make something special for the party… Since my first attempt with cake pops – the dog ones was sucessful , I searched online for a “China Version”.  The only thing I could find was this picture on pinterest! Of course no link and no how-to directions.   Then I searched online and found an image of a China girl outfit (which I believe is the same one seen on the cake pops I found on pinterest).   I printed the outfit out on card stock and they looked great on my pops.

I was very proud of how closely they looked to the picture.  They were actually pretty easy thanks to fondant and candy melts and this pen!  I had fun making these! However…  I am cake pop burned out!  I am putting away the pan for many months!  Next time I work with fondant I need to make my own – that prepackaged stuff ain’t cheap!