June 17, 2024

Cake Pop Pan!

I have always been a fan of looking at cake pops since I found the Bakerella website a few years ago – before she wrote this book and this book (both I have and enjoy).   Saw these on her blog and knew I needed to make something similar for my daughter’s birthday party – a puppy adoption themed paw-tay!

I received this pan as a Christmas gift.  It was super easy to use when I did a trial run with my daughter ( a huge Starbucks Cake Pop Fan).  Basically you use a cake mix.  You replace the water in the mix with half milk and you add an egg to the mix and a box of pudding.  Stick in the oven and yippy…  cake pops in a perfect shape.  Yummy too!  I made puppy pops for my daughters seventh birthday party!  The pops were easy to dip.  I also received the Square White 3-tier Stand which came in handy for a place to set the pops once they were dipped.  The pops come right out of the pan and are ready to dip.  Great invention!

Above is how they turned out…  My daughter thinks they are cute and she recognized them as puppies right away – so I must have done good.  Super easy with these Wilton Eyes, The Edible Pen, and The Chocolate Pieces for Ears!