June 24, 2024

Haystack Cookies


 What are scarecrows stuffed with?   Hay!   Let’s stuff ourselves with a little Hay too!  Yummy Hay Cookies that is!

Here’s an easy snack to make for a Scarecrow Theme Unit!!!

Super Easy and No Baking – Microwave Only!

1 box of Fiber One
2 cups of butterscotch chips
2 cups of white chocolate chips

Melt the chips together in the microwave (about 2 min). 
Stir until smooth. 
Add the box of fiber one and stir. 
Quickly place a large spoonful onto wax paper or into muffin cups. 
Let set for about an hour and you have some yummy Haystacks to enjoy!!!  

These are very yummy and I like all the Fiber you get in one bit… Ha-ha, healthy right???? 

So much fun with Mr. Scarecrow!!!   Have you seen all the fun on Teaching Heart?

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Be sure to get the Scarecrow Packet!!!