July 17, 2024

Dress Up a Tray of Cookies!

Just a fast, frugal, and fun idea I came up with when I did not have a paper plate to put cookies on that I wanted to share with a neighbor…

When you take yummies to share, make you own plate that matches a theme. All you need is a piece of cardboard. Wrap the cardboard with wrapping paper and then decorate it with stickers.
I used back to school stickers on my homemade tray.
Then place your yummy in the center.
Wrap the tray. Add a bow and a card if it is a gift.
We made ours for a neighbor who has shared many of their home grown veggies with our family.
Ta-da, you have pretty plate you can leave at the party with the leftovers on.
Just think of all the themes you could come up with.