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8 Feb

Ok, figured I would keep the ball rolling with one more giveaway this week…  That makes three!  Hey, that’s what February is about – sharing the love…  right?  First we had the Common Core Packet Giveaway, then The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew Giveaway, and today I am feeling lucky and giving away 3 Teaching Heart St. Patty Day PAckets

Some of you may have already downloaded the VDay Packet or the 100th Day Packet or the Groundhog Packet and now looking at the St. Patt Day Packet as the next to add to your shopping cart…  Well, here is a chance to win one.  I will be giving away three St. Patty Day Packets to three lucky winners.  Click here to see all the goodies in the St. Patty Packet!   You may enter from today till Sunday the 12th and the winner will be shared on the 13th.   You may only enter 1 time.  That is my only rule.

Use the form below to enter!!!