June 24, 2024

Final Fling Bachelorette – Wine Party…

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Me and the bride!!!

Well, I pulled off a fun and classy Bachelorette party.  I was a little nervous about it.  I was nervous it may not be fun and people may not mingle (since the bride was having so many people from different parts of her life).  I only really knew her and one of our other college roommates really well at the party.  The rest of the girls I know as acquaintances or do not know at all.  As a result, I struggled for weeks about what to do… first I thought spa party and then realized that was way out of my budget.  Then, I thought a True Romance Party might be fun (you know the S-E-X toy type parties).  The bride thought that might work but was hesitant because her mom was attending the party.  I even brought the idea of BUNCO up.  Strippers were a definitely a NO!   The Bachelorette said no to that before I even started planning… Darn!  LOL!  Finally, I made a choice and created a wine game and a few other original games.  It was action packed and fun… best part when it was all over the Bachelorette said, “This was the best girls nights out and it was so much fun!”  Phew…

Food:  I made cookie balls, cookies, and chocolate strawberries.  The bridesmaids each brought an appetizer and we ended up with quite a feast.

I made Sangria and everyone brought a bottle of wine.  What was left, the bride took home.  Here’s the loot she ended up with…  However the party people consumed over 14 bottles at the party… 
Decorations:  I went with hot pink and black as colors since everything bachelorette seems to be in those colors.  I made the banner below.  Got the balloons on Amazon.
Plates , Napkins, and beadscan all be viewed on Amazon. 

Favors and Prizes…  I loved my prizes for the games.  They were all wine related (except for one risqué one for my one silly game).  I have collected them for a year.  Here are two of my fave prizes.  Wine charms and a wine cork holder

 Check out the wine cork holder here .  I also had wine stoppers, wine pourers , cute wine glasses , and wine openers for prizes.

Below are the favors…

Customized bottle of wine (I used the six packs and made a label), a CD, rabbit wine cork , and a pink wine glass filled with Hershey kisses .

Now my favorite part… the games!  
First game was an icebreaker of sorts… after the bride introduced all her guests, I read statements she had written about each guest and we took turns guessing who she was talking about.  It was a fun way for people who do not really know everyone at the party to get to know everybody. 
I managed to fit 15 people in my dining room… It was tight and hot – but fun!  Note my candles in the wine bottle…  I thought they were cute.  You can purchase them here
Second game was sooooo fun.  I want to do it again.  I made an easy wine tasting game.  You need six bottles of wine…One really cheap and one expensive. It is helpful if you can get a few people to buy a bottle each before the event.  Buying six bottles on your own can be expensive.  The bags came from a wine tasting kit like this one.   I poured each wine one at a time into small dixie cups and we all tasted it.  The object of the game was to guess the name of the wine (there was a wine bank/ word bank), guess the most and least expensive, and try to guess which one the bride liked the best and the least.   We went around and tasted each wine…  by the time you are done tasting you probably have tasted a glass of wine total.  So it’s not like you are poring everyone a glass, just a taste; otherwise you better take keys at the door. 
I had a recording sheet for the answers…
Winner had the most points out of 10.  Our winner had 6.  So it was a hard game.
We moved into the family room for another activity.  Everyone at this party was already married except two of the people.  So, everyone brought their wedding albums and we went around the room letting each person share a favorite memory about their special day with the group.  It was so much fun hearing everyone tell the bride what to look forward to.  We also passed around albums.  When everyone was done sharing, I pulled out another sheet for a game… I had been recording things that people had said.  For this game each person needed to match a statement up with the bride… 

After this we played my only game that was somewhat risqué (come on, you have to get a little crazy at a Bachelorette party)…  I had pictures of a graphic of a penis and on each one was a letter of the alphabet.  I mixed them up and would call out a letter, the first person who would shout out a sexual word that started with that letter got to keep the card.  At the end we counted up who got the most cards and they won a fun prize from True Romance.  I think the bride was surprised to see her mom getting all into the game.  We laughed a lot.  Here’s our winner with the prize…  (I have to thank my friend Cheryl for the prize – It was a big hit!!!!).

Present time: Everyone brought a present that the bride and groom could use on their honeymoon…  We played a little game as she opened gifts…  I had wrapped corks with questions such as;  
What should Jenn definitely take on her honeymoon?, Tell us about a boyfriend of yours that was not the one…. Who is the guy you are happy that Jenn is not marrying?, Give us one word to describe Jenn… (After you answer this, pick another cork  – read it and answer it.), What advice would you give Jenn to make her marriage a success?,  What’s your best sex tip?  If you give her a great tip – you win a prize!!!, What’s the worst date you have had?.  How are you like your mother and how is Jenn like hers – in your oppinion? ….
Before the bride opened a given gift, the giver would take a cork and answer the questions…  Tons of laughs followed.  It was fun and everyone was involved.  Great night for my girls final fling before the ring!!!  Now time to get creative with the wedding toast…  HELP!!!

To learn about the printables that go with this party, please see:

 Of course we had to decorate the bride with a veil…  My crafty girlfriend made this!  She also made the jewelry for the wedding (that’s another post)!!!  Below is the bride with her momma!