July 23, 2024

Fun Party Idea

My friend Nancy hosted a Murder Mystery Party last night. I had been to one before a million years ago with my husband and I had forgotten how much fun they are. Last night it was all girls and we had a blast laughing at each other get into character. I was very impressed with how easy it was to use the game itself… Super easy to set-up and so much fun.

The one I attended was The Lethal Luau. Seen below at Amazon.

This mystery party game has everything you need, including printed invitations and placecards, full profiles of all the characters, dialogue for different scenes in the mystery and even recipes for an authentic Hawaiian meal! For 6 to 8 players . There is also a CD that you play at different times during the game to help you keep up with what has been revealed about the characters.

Nancy had tropical glasses for our drinks, seashells lining tables, hula skirts for us to wear, and some Jimmy playing in the background. She also made a nice spread of food. I felt like I was on vacation… I got to play Holly Day and I made the character have a Southern Accent… So it was fun to play a little with the role.

Amazon has so many of these games… Below are some of the titles that looked fun and that had good reviews. I suggest you read the reviews if you are having one of theses parties… The reviewers give many helpful tips and suggestions.