July 17, 2024

Japan Unit Ideas

My son had a Japan Festival for his grade put on by the school PTA!  I must say it was very creative.  I did a Japan unit when I taught grade 2, but we never had such a fun ending to our unit!  Here are some highlights from the day!  I can’t take any credit for them, I was just there to help.  Still, they may be helpful to those who are planning a similar day…

Each class rotated and the PTA provided a meal of Rice, Vegetables, Sushi (the candy kind), fruit cup, and tea.

The kids came dressed in Japanese like clothing.  Here is the back of my son’s shirt.  It means school child.  I used my favorite Avery Iron on Computer paper to make the shirt. 

The kids ate with chopsticks and enjoyed a little taste! 

I thought the Candy Sushi was so cute.  Prepackaged Rice Krispie Treats that were cut in small squares.  They were then wrapped with fruit roll ups and a swedish fish was placed on the top.  I had one and they tasted pretty yummy!  Mom Knows shares how to make candy Sushi on her blog. 

Also, a nice touch was the cherry blossom trees.  My creative neighbor made these and I thought they were great….  had to share!

DLTK shares some great printables for a Japan Unit!

Download Paper Dolls here !