July 12, 2024

Frog and Toad Ideas!

A few Ideas to use when teaching about Frogs and Toads!!!

Compare and Contrast Frogs and Toads!

Show your students the word amphibian written on a piece of paper. Share with them that the word amphibian means two lives. Tell them frogs and toads are amphibians because they live part of their life in water as tadpoles and part of their lives on land as frogs and toads. Talk about what frogs and toads look like, how are they alike, and different. Look at pictures to compare them. Make a chart like the one below with your class!


Frogs lay their eggs in stacks Toads lay their eggs in straight lines

Frogs have smooth, slimy skin Toads have hard, rough skin

Frogs live in the water and on land Toads usually live on land

Frogs are skinny and have long legs Toads are fat and have short legs

Frogs move around by jumping Toads move by walking or making short, small hops

Frog Fun!

Some fun activities to use with a frog unit!

Lily Pad Hop – cut lily pads from green construction paper, write a numeral on each one, have the students hop from one to the next in numerical order.

Life Cycle Sequence – have the students put pictures of the life cycle of a frog in order and be able to verbalize the stages.

Stamp a frog pond picture, have out paper with lily pads and a pond drawn on it have the kids add frogs and toads to the pictures using rubber stamps. Count the number of frogs in everyone’s pond.

Make some Jell-O (or pudding would work too) for the pond (grape works good!) pour into individual clear plastic cups, on top add some blobs of green whip cream (food coloring added to whip cream) and place gummy frogs on each blob (whip cream is the lily pad) add some flower sprinkles if you have them.

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