July 23, 2024

Making Magic With Room on the Broom Lesson Idea

My kids love the Halloween story, Room on The Broom. It is about a friendly witch that has knack for losing things. Still she always finds what she has lost with a help from a friend. In return for finding what she has lost, the witch always lets the finder hop on for a ride on her broom. From a parents prospective, I love how this book teaches that acts of kindness only do you good. Towards the end of the story the witches broom breaks and she finds herself facing off with a Dragon. Luckily with the help of her friends she is saved from the Dragon. The witch then does a spell that makes a new broom… Her old broom was a junker and this broom is a Limo of Brooms.

From an educators point of view… this book is awesome: it has lots of rhyming and lots of repetition. It is a great story for retelling too.

Below are two videos that show two ways I have used the book. This is a great book for a parent to share at a Halloween party.

The first video shows how I introduce the book to my kids or my students.

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The second shows how I create a magic spell like the witch did in the story. The kids LOVE this part and really think it is magic! Lots of fun… All you need is a cauldron, black construction paper, pictures of a Lily, cone, bone, and twig, and a spoon.

You will also need a treat to appear at the end. These broom pens would be my first choice… but you can do pencils or you can some sort of fruit snack. I suggest you place all of the treats in a gallon sized ziploc bag. This way you can pull them out all at once after you say the spell.

Click here for coloring sheet to match the book.