June 16, 2024

Magic Tree House CDs From Wendy’s

One of my favorite happy meal/ kids meal toys is a CD or an audio book on CD. My son, loves, loves, loves the Magic Tree house series (mostly due to last summer when Wendy’ had the CD’s and he first heard one he wanted to get the books out at the library). After that we have read a good many of the books with him.

I love them too, because they are entertaining and very educational at the same time. My six year old boy is in heaven learning about Ninjas, Dolphin’s, Dinosaurs, and so much more through Mary Osbborne’s stories.

We were both excited to find out that Wendy’s has the Magic Tree house CD’s again this summer and they are different from last summer.

So be sure to go get a kids meal at Wendy’s.

Today when I went, I ordered two kids meals and asked if they could give me two different CD’s vs. giving me the same CD in each meal. They did an when I got to the window, I asked if I could buy the two I do not have and they just charged me .99 a piece… I was excited and relieved to have all four with out eating two many cheeseburgers.

Also, if you would like more CD’s of the Magic Tree house, there is a deal going on at Random House. You can get the CD’s 25% off and free shipping… Here is the link with more details on that!

Teachers and Homeschoolers, check out all the great ideas to use with the various books by clicking here!

Random House also has great Teacher Guides for the books. Click here to check those out!

Activity Sheets to Match Many of the book can be found here.

Below are some books for teaching with the books: