July 19, 2024

Lego Car Race Party Game

One of the games we had the kids play was having them build a Lego Race Car.  They all got a race car as part of their favors (only five boys, so it was affordable at around 6.00 each). 

As soon as the kids came to the door, my son directed them to pick a car, open it up, place the pieces in their bowl, and then start building.
They all were into making their cars.  Give 8 year olds a Lego set and you get a quiet room!!! 
After they finished the cars, they got to race them on a Lego Race track I made.  I just used two pieces of thick poster board and designed a road with construction paper and graphics I found online.
I put the board on a plastic table with one side of the legs set up for the ramp.  They spent 45 minutes just playing with this and racing their cars.  It was a hit!!!
Here they are in action: