June 18, 2024

Facebook “FREE” for Lent Update!!!

Well, I have been Facebook free since Lent started.  I miss it, but not as much as I thought I would.  Yes, It’s been hard, especially in the beginning…  During the first days of Lent, I will admit that I had to stop myself from typing the site’s Web address nearly every time I checked my e-mail.  Often I would find myself staring at the login page at http://www.facebook.com/ .  I didn’t even realize I typed in the address, I was just there and was hearing the facebook page talk to me…  “Log In, come on… no one will know.  You can just lurk like the 100’s of other who are on Facebook do (but would never admit)!”  Still, I stayed strong and directed my browser away from the login page. 

I do realize Jesus didn’t die so that I could be facebook-less. But giving something up (that you actually like) is a great way to have a constant reminder of the huge sacrifice Jesus made for our sins. In Scripture we read about the devil tempting the famished Jesus by daring him to turn a rock into a food. For me, that temptation has been the little green flashing light that blinks on my “CrackBerry” whenever I have a new FB message.

The Good Things About Being Facebook Free

I’m much more productive around the house. The laundry is getting done now. 

I’m sleeping more vs. staying up late after the kids go to bed to catch up on work I missed while I logged into facebook after lunch and in the AM.  Not logging in to facebook in the am and after lunch, has changed my life….  ha-ha!  Seriously, I get MORE stuff done and therefore I am done with my work and do not need to stay up past midnight working. 

I know who my real friends are. The ones who email or call me now vs. using facebook. Those other people that are on my friend list are just acquaintances that I see here and there… True friends are those that are in your life at least once a month. Sure it’s fun seeing what your acquaintances are up to, but years ago I could have cared less… It’s a job being a friend on facebook (often I feel I need to comment on a picture of someone I haven’t talked to in 2 years or hit like in a status of a friend I never thought I would see again until Facebook changed all that)… Really, I only need a few great friends rather than 100’s of Facebook friends.

But I miss it because….

Sometimes I will think of a status that I really want to post…. Like today, I wanted the word to know I won a free boot camp!!!  A $179 value!!!!  Or maybe I want to brag a little and let the world know that I am moving closer to hitting a 10-mile run after running seven miles. 

I miss seeing some of my family members status updates…  Sometimes our only contact (like with my cousins) is via Facebook.

I miss a good laugh that Facebook can provide… Like becoming friends with an old ex-boyfriend and reading about his silly life and laughing because you are so happy you married the right guy and not him.  Or listening to people get political on Facebook.  It makes me laugh to see what some people post. 

How are the rest of you Facebook Giver-Uppers doing???

I liked reading these bloggers facebook-less stories.

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