June 18, 2024

I’m Giving Up Facebook for lent!

Giving up chocolate, candy, alcohol etc for Lent…what about that 21st century semi addiction Facebook???

I thought about it last year and blogged about it too.   I was weak then and gave up Diet Coke instead.  This year as I sat down thinking up what I should give up…  I started to think of some of my favorite things;

Diet Coke – Gave that up weeks ago to clean up my diet…
Chocolate – Really hardly eat that anyhow now that I am working on being clean.
Blackberry – Not that strong!
Magazines – Naaahhhh!!!
Swearing – Don’t do that very often.
Drinking – Don’t really do that either.
Hmmmm.  Facebook – on that silly site way too much.  Plus I once called it a Black Hole in my life and really it is.  I read this blog article and it made me really think and wonder what life would be like without my Facebook Vice? 

This is like a little experiment in seeing if I get more done this way.  How many times have I thought I was going to get the laundry done and ended up on Facebook???    A few too many!  It will be interesting to see if I get more done now that I am Facebook free till Easter.  I hear that giving up Facebook is a popular/trendy thing to do. People even give you tips on how to give it up!   I am joining the trend.  It will be hard for me as I do LOVE Facebook!  I will be wondering what all my Facebook Buds are up to and probably miss out on a lot of the fun Facebook chatter.  Still, It will be a challenge and a break that I need. 

Have you ever given up Facebook for Lent or just because?  Did your to-do list improve?  Was it hard?

Here’s a few interesting links I found on the subject:

If we are Facebook friends, you will need to email or call me if you need me.  I’ll let you all know how life without Facebook goes in a future post.