July 12, 2024

Magical Birthday Parties!

I LOVE parties!!! Cannot stress that enough. Always have since I was a kid. I love fancy table clothes, balloons, decorations, and the happy feelings! I remember as a kid making confetti out of a hole punch for a week so I could throw it at my friend on her birthday. As an adult, I LOVE planning a party or hosting an event. It can be stressful, but the fun and the final outcome out weigh the stress.

This year I got the best award for my party madness… as I was working on the favors for my sons party, my son came to check out the goods and said; “Mom, you always make my parties so fun and you work so hard for me!” That made it all worth it!!!

My kids will only want the themed parties for a few years… pretty soon they will be all grown up and I hope they will think back to their birthdays with fond memories. I love seeing my kids light up at their birthday parties. Some people probably don’t agree will my method and may think I am spoiling my kids… but I don’t think so… Birthdays are special days and is their one day to feel like the king or queen on the day… The rest of the year, it normal and we try not to live with lots of glitter and glitz.

Well, this year I took the easy road (unlike last year and the year before), for my son’s 7th Birthday Party and had the party at an Ooogles and Googles instead of our home… Totally stress free for me. All I did was make the favors. My son choose the theme of wizards. The party was so much fun. All the party goers became wizards. Dressed in the wizard hat an all. They even had the opportunity to make a magic potion that bubbled up (baking soda and vinegar in a mini cauldron). The kids had a blast, my son loved it, and I just took pictures and enjoyed. Wow!

My only contribution was the goodies bags. I love making goodies bags for my kids parties. The picture above shows this years goodie bag. It had a Star Wars Pez Dispenser, Magic Wand Candy (from Oriental Trading), Eye Ball (Oriental Trading), Magic Stickers (Oriental Trading), Box of Tricks (Michael’s Dollar Bins), skull candy bracelet (Michael’s). I bargain hunt all year for treats to put in the bags and every year I make a CD of my son’s favorite songs. This year most of the songs were sports related… WE are living in the CITY of CHAMPIONS, you know! I love make the CD label and collecting the songs in one place.

You can view my Cars, Thomas, Spiderman, and Star Wars CD’s Too!

Every year, my mom makes her famous cookies… Below were this year’s magic cookie… They were yummy.

In the past she has made; trains, spider man, and darth vader cookies…

Another birthday tradition I have is that I make my kids cakes every year using the Wilton Pans. People think it is so hard… but really it takes time, but is easy to do. I love the finished product. This year was Scooby and Little Mermaid!

Hopefully you will find an idea or two you can use for a party you are planning! Have fun!