August 8, 2022

My New Toy

So, I did it… I finally broke down and got a Blackberry Curve… My first Blackberry. I really wanted the IPhone but my hubby wasn’t for that… well, he wasn’t for either to tell you the truth. He loves me too much and I know how to get him to say yes. *WINK* So after months of warming him up and then $300.00 worth of birthday money falling into my lap, he gave in and let me get one. I will tell you I am in love with my new pink little friend. I knew I would be! I am connected 24 hours a day. When I love it most is when I am in the drop-off or pick-up car line at my daughters school. Now instead of just listening to music, I can reply to personal and business related emails. Since I got it about two weeks ago, I feel it has saved me hours of time. I hardly ever need to sit down at the computer anymore. Plus, I love the calendar on it and how it beeps to tell me when I have something to do. I also love how I can go online ANYTIME! Like yesterday in the grocery store when I forgot a recipe, I just looked it up online at the grocery store. Yeah, I’m COOL!

I have lots to learn about my Blackberry… I need to take time and see if I can find an app. that deals with weight watchers and keeping track of foods eaten. If you know of one and how to use it, let me know. I would also love to find an app. that tracks exercise details. I have to figure the whole app thing out — I will later!

I haven’t researched how this could help people in the education profession. I am curious how teachers use this.

Funny, when my girlfriend saw it laying out the other day she said to me something like; “You aren’t going to be one of those people that have to check that thing all the time, are you?” I explained to her that I have rules. I have to have rules because I don’t want to be one of those people out to dinner with the girls and on her Blackberry. I love my friends and family more than my Blackberry… So here are my rules…

No checking or sending email while driving – not even at a red light.

No checking or sending emails when out with friends or family — no mater what!

No checking or sending emails when at someones house.

Facebook can only still be checked no more than 3x a day total via computer and/or Blackberry… (I had this rule before my Blackberry, because I started to have a problem).

Do you have a Blackberry? Do you make rules for yourself? What are your Blackberry tips for me?