July 17, 2024

Never Will Forget…

To think eight years has gone by. It is such a vivid memory in my mind still. We all have stories of where we were on that day in history. I was in bed in Silverdale, WA. All the way across the country. I remember my husband was just about to leave for work (he was an US Navy Officer on a Submarine at the time)… He turned on the TV and soon he was in the bedroom yelling for me to come out and watch… At this time the first plane was the only plane that had hit and like a movie, a few minutes later we watched live as another plane hit. I think we both just sat there wordless and in horror and disbelief. I went to work that day to teach grade 2. My husband went on to the Naval Base. I remember hearing the news while I was making copies for class that day that another plane had gone down in my home state of PA. I of course, checked on all my family in PA to make sure all was okay.

The following year, my son was born on the day before the first anniversary of 911. We were in New Jersey for his birth and many of the nurses and doctors had family members who died in the tragedy. I was still in the hospital on the 11th and no one had a baby that day at that hospital. It was strange and quiet there.

I will never forget that day and all the lives that were taken. I pray for the families of those lost. May God continue to bless them with strength and courage.

“You can be sure that the American spirit will prevail over this tragedy.” –Colin Powell