December 10, 2022

Last Day of School!!

No more pencils, no more book… School is out for summer!

My friend Rebecca just had a sale of her Jewelery at her home and I picked up a bracelet for my son’s teacher… among some other goodies. Here are the other goodies… Like her stuff? Go here then!
Too good of deals to pass up. Thanks R! Wish I could have stayed for the wine!!!

For the teacher gift, I wrote a poem and ta-da, I have an easy end of the year gift.

You can download the printable here. My poem goes like this:

You made Kindergarten a super start because,
Your teaching was better than fine,
A positive experience from start to finish!
I thought I would give you something with shine!

If I remember my year,
Stories, colors, numbers, letters and fun is what I see,
Full of friends and learning all around!
I hope this colorful treat will remind you of me!

Some Jewelry to thank you
For helping me to know
The things I needed to learn
To live my life and grow.

I made my son a T-Shirt for the last day of school. The front says, “kindergarten was GREAT!” and has the school mascot on it. I wanted it to say “First Grade, Here I Come!” but he didn’t like that for some reason.

The back has pictures of all his classmates and his teacher (I scanned from the class picture). It says, Thank you Mrs. P and Kindergarten Friends for Making This a Great Year. I LOVE iron-on paper!

Happy Summer!!!

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