July 12, 2024

Go Penguins!

I am not much of a sports fan. However, if you force me to pick a sport to watch, I would pick Hockey. Pittsburgh Penguins, of course!!! I will admit I tend to actually pay attention to the games during playoffs. The rest of the year, I attend a game here or there and go downstairs to the other TV while my hubby (world’s biggest Pens fan) watches the game. I jump quickly on the bandwagon when they are in the playoffs. I want them to win not only for my town, but also so my hubby will be happy and in a good mood. Maybe I can get a new kitchen table out of him if I ask him for it right after Crosby skates around with that cup! Hmmm, may have to plan that out!

In 91 and 92 (click here to remember those days) I was partying hard as the Pens won the cup. Of course fun memories… Skipping high school to go to the Point with a few friends! One of the great thing about Pittsburgh is their love of their teams. It like a high! I was always happy to hop on to that high! I would be happy to hop on it Thursday night when they win the cup.

Anyhow, this is my attempt to blog about a sport and to cheer on my hubby’s Pens! I would hate to see Detroit win again on our home ice. That just is not cool. Come on Pens, get your head in the game and tie it up… On Thurs. you can show Detroit how it feels to have the opposing team carry around the cup on your ice.


Click here for Kids Penguins Activity Sheets

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NHL maze to print!

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Here is a memory game I made for my kids.
Just print and cut the cards and you can play too. Played like memory.
Just place cards face down and take turns trying to make a match!

Click Here to Print Penguins Memory Game!