September 29, 2022

Outside Toys!

Well, the weather is finally delightfully sunny here in the Burgh!!! I have been and always probably will be a sucker for a good toy! I recently have come across three toys that one could use outside on a summer day. I wanted to share these three toys! At the bottom of this post, you will see the links to these items on Amazon.

Gamewright Boochie, a Whole New Ball Game

Love this game. The kids and adults can both enjoy it. It’s interactive and fun. Game ages 8 and up, but I think this is just because some reading is required. With help, my 3 and 6 year old can play, too. My 3 year old is fine having my six year old read her the instructions of what to do. My children really like the funny ways you have to throw the objects (laying on your back, with eyes closed, off your head, etc). Below is a video of my son and nephew playing the game.

Hyper Dash

We played this game a few times, and I must say, I was quite impressed! Hyper Dash is actually several different games in one, with a nice mix of physical versus mental challenges. Using the bell-shaped main tagger and the small plastic targets, players are challenged to do things such as tag the identified colors as quickly as possible, remember and repeat a series of colors, and more. Each game has several different levels, making the game appropriate for school-aged children to adults–perfect for parents playing along with kids! Plus, the tagger and targets are small and lightweight, making this game portable and thus great for travel. Highly recommended for kids and families! It could be an outside game or an inside game.

Hurry, pass the original splash out on and if time runs out, you get wet. Fill a balloon with water, place it inside your splash out and wind the timer and if you want to play inside, fill your splash out balloon with air and pass it on. You lose if the balloon bursts in your hands. Includes one splash out ball and 12 balloons. Balloons are replaceable with regular balloons.

Hope these toy ideas give you an idea for a birthday party or maybe keep your own kids busy over the summer months!