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7 Feb
pizza fraction craft1

Fractions are a really hard concepts for my third graders…  but with the few tricks I have up my sleeve, they are  all proficient in the area of third grade fraction standards after teaching this topic.  In this post I am sharing some materials, videos, and printables that I find necessary when teaching fractions to third graders. First start hands on and with lots of visuals.  So of my favorite hands on resources and visuals include: I love that each of my students can have their own bag of fraction strips so that they can visually... 

13 Jul

My first summer post of hopefully many…  I want the next few posts to be super resources for you…  especially if you teach third grade.  I plan to share with you some of the things I learned and used successfully this year and will  continue to use in the new school year.  For this post, I wanted to start with how important sharing the love of reading with your students is and one wonderful resource that I used this year with great success to create readers that love to read.  I truly feel that as teachers (and parents... 

27 Apr

Hey…  Hope you are heading into the final quarter of the school year like I am!  I just finished state testing and I am so happy to be done with my first experience with that.  Now my fingers are crossed and prayers are going up in hopes my students scores rock! Anyhow, I wanted to share some very popular Teaching Heart resources for the end of the year… Let’s start with Mother’s Day!!!  I am making these again next year.  The cards are cute and the moms seemed to love them.  You just need some tea bags and... 

26 Nov

I am getting ready to take this fireplace below and make it festive and also make it go along with a George Washington Novel Study my grade level is starting when we return on Tuesday.  I created a few things to make the fireplace below come alive… It’s blank now, but hopefully I will share a finished picture soon…  I am sharing my FREE printables for you to use in the meantime. One is a multiplication wreath.  Directions are included.  My plan is to hang some of the finished ones on the fireplace and the rest somewhere... 

17 Aug

Another item done on the check list…  Just printed out all the covers to my parent communication folders (take-home folders).  I am going with the FROG acronym!   Thought I would share a copy of the folder for you to use if you would like! Click here to download the free cover. I have lots of free back to school printables at this link!  Click and see!  

15 May

One of our most popular downloads is our summer buckets and in 2015 I added a few more printables to go with the glyph and writing activity!  You can view them by clicking here! The extra printables can be found here!  

14 May

There is lots to see in this post – scroll through for goodies galore… Hopefully you are driving successfully into your end of the year!  I just listed a new product that I completed with my second grade class (well actually three things – see below for the others).  The district I work in this year uses the Benchmark Literacy Series…  BTW, I have grown to love it!  Unit 8 of the series teaches about comparing and contrasting as a comprehension skill.  To sum up our learning, I created this craftivity for my... 

7 May

I just finished two days of bubble lessons for a STEAM project my school is doing.  I uploaded my resources to TPT… Click here to learn more… This set contains lessons I used with my second grade class to complete a STEAM bubbles project on our bubbles countdown day. The lessons were done in two days (but could be extended to three if you choose to). You will receive two days of lessons plans with objectives, videos and pictures highlighting the lessons, links to other resources, printables for an anchor chart that goes with... 

6 Mar

What a fun creative writing experience for your students during the early days of March.  My second graders loved catching a leprechaun in their jars and writing a creative story about their imagined experience! You can get the printables to create these with your class too…   CLICK HERE This craft comes with six different leprechauns to choose from so each craft will look different. It includes a thinking sheet for your students to prewrite ideas on. It also includes a rough draft form as well as a good copy form. There are also... 

5 Mar

I took down the snowflakes and snowmen this week because this second grade teacher is done with winter!!!  Our math garden in the back of the classroom is so refreshing!!!  You can have one too!  You can download the printables to this craft on TPT by clicking here! How does our garden measure up craftivity -I had my second grade students complete this as a math center.   I can imagine it would work well in first and third grade as well.   You can see how I set up the center in the packet. Once the students have the craft put together... 

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