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19 Apr

Yep, here comes another FREE sight word printable…  Just incase you missed the fun – Did you download this, this, this, and this?  Ok, great… here is another fun sight word activity using the Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Words.  This is extra fun because along with learning the sight words, you will be throwing in some math graphing fun too!!!  Click to download the free sight word graph printable! If you enjoy that and want more ready to print, check out our Sight Word Packet Here…  

24 May

// Seven “Good to Know” Sight Words for Pre-K! School districts do not expect kids entering Kindergarten to know any sight words.  However, if your child knows how to write their name, knows all the sounds letters makes, and can sound out simple three letter words with or without assistance; I feel that they are ready to learn a few sight words over the summer. Sight words are words that appear frequently in most of the text kids read, but can’t easily be sounded out.  Sight words appear in 50% of text.  Students who instantly... 

20 Jan
Sight Word Learning Activities and Extra Practice

A quote from the Journal of Educational Research: “The most convincing rationale for teaching sight words is that if they are well selected they will, because of their high frequency in printed materials, have high utility at all levels of reading development. Furthermore, they help to make possible a focus on meaning as well as decoding in early reading, and at the same time they can serve as a basis for analytic phonics instruction.” Here’s a free activity sheet for you today. Did you download this CRACK THE CODE???  Here... 

24 Sep

I am always looking for different ways to practice spelling words!  This activity I created could be used with spelling words, sight words, or vocabulary words.  You print the pages and write the words you want on the apples.  Students take an apple out of the bucket one at a time and write the word on the apple next to the given number.  This could be used as a center activity as well! This is free to download below… For more free Fall Ideas and Printables – Click here! Click to download bobbing for apple activity  

22 Jun

Thanks for all the great feedback on the Pre-Primer Packet (click here to see that)!  Glad so many of you have gotten good use out of it.  I am working my way through all of the Dolch words and just finished the Primer Packet (click here to see that).  It is Dinosaur themed – many of the activities have some cool Dino’s adoring the pages!  I think they are cute and functional!  I also made a fun free printable as seen below. It includes all the Dolch Primer Sight Words.  The students create a book by reading the word,... 

17 Apr

Are you noticing the theme???  Pre-Primer Sight Word Activities here and here…  Below is another free sight word activity…  I am getting ready to reveal a new Pre-Primer Sight Word Packet (then later packets for Primer, 1st, and 2nd) and just showing you some of the goodies through free samples.  So here is a cover-up activity free to print with 10 of the Dolch Pre-Primer Sight words.  Give your class some bingo chips or cereal to use as markers.  Call out a word and have them cove that word up.  You can quickly check... 

16 Apr

Here’s a free activity sheet for you today.  Remember how I said we are reviewing sight words with my daughter when I shared this CRACK THE CODE???  Here is another way we review!  It is a cut, paste, trace, and draw activity.  I made a set of these (which will all be available soon).  This is one from the set using the Pre-Primer Dolch words.  The students must cut out the words, glue them to form the sentence, trace the sentence, and then draw some sort of picture to represent the sentence.  You can Click Here to Download... 

5 Apr

I made some sight word activities for my daughter to review her Kindergarten Sight Words.  I figure I will add the first grade words as we go through the summer break.  Here is a crack the code activity sheet I made her.  She loves these now that she know her words pretty well.  I have made her many that I hope to someday put in a Kindergarten Sight Word Packet with lots of other fun ideas.   So, here is one for you to download and use for free.   Click > crackcodesightword1 to download the sheet above.  Check out what I think... 

14 Feb

Here’s an example where I actually saw something on Pinterest and then didn’t just pin it, I made it!  LOL!  Kindergarten Candy Land the Sight Word Edition.  We just played it the other night as a family and even my third grader enjoyed it, although it is for my Kindergartener’s Teacher.  I had to spice up what I saw on Pinterest to make it my own.  Since my daughter will be giving this to her teacher for Valentine’s Day, I added a picture of her teacher as the Queen of Candy Land.  Yes, that is her head... 

6 Sep

A note from the author of “GO Home, Mrs. Beekman!” Great words of wisdom! Hi Colleen, I just finished reading your review, and I have tears in my eyes. It is so wonderful that you really got the book, and that you and your son could share it together. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Of course, “Go Home, Mrs. Beekman!” is an ever so slightly autobiographical book — and my separation issues haven’t quite gone away. Two weeks ago, my youngest left for college, and it’s still difficult... 

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