July 23, 2024

Author Insight on Back To School!

A note from the author of “GO Home, Mrs. Beekman!” Great words of wisdom!

Hi Colleen,

I just finished reading your review, and I have tears in my eyes. It is so wonderful that you really got the book, and that you and your son could share it together. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Of course, “Go Home, Mrs. Beekman!” is an ever so slightly autobiographical book — and my separation issues haven’t quite gone away. Two weeks ago, my youngest left for college, and it’s still difficult to set 17 year old children loose in the wider world, not able to fully participate or protect them. (On the flip side, watching your child develop into a mature, independent young adult is deeply moving and gratifying.) So I guess my words of wisdom are: Enjoy your son and savor the moments of his childhood, as I am sure you are doing.

Again, thank you so much.