August 14, 2022

Teacher Appreciation – Nuts Over My Teacher!

Here’s a super easy and a little Nutty treat!  Get some emerald 100 calorie pack cocoa roast nuts (if you haven’t tried these, they are YUM!) All you do for this one is print out a little note that says,  “We are Nuts about Our Teacher!” or “I’m Nuts over my Teacher.” or “It’s Not Nutty to Think […]

Teacher Appreciation – Water Bottle/Popcorn Treat

You know my feelings about teachers and people who help educate our children…  WE ROCK!  Appreciate us and those who love your kids when they are learning!!! The next few days I will share some neat-o teacher appreciation ideas.  A gift a day for Teacher Appreciation Week!! First Up Water Bottle, Crystal Light Packet, and […]

Teaching Heart’s Newest CDROM and Winners.

Today marks the start of our two week sale on our newest CDROM called, Any Skill Board Games and Skill Cards. This is great for teachers to use in centers or during small group instruction. Also, great for parents to use to review skills your child may be struggling with in school. The boards are […]

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