June 16, 2024

Sprinkle Me With Fairy Dust (A Review of New Tinker Bell Movie)

A few days ago we got a free copy of the new Tinkerbell Movie, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (Two-Disc Blu-ray/ DVD Combo) courtesy of the Amazon Vine program (I love me some Amazon1!!).  My daughter was thrilled!!!   My daughter has seen all the Tinker Bell Movies and she is a huge Tinker Bell […]

Spelling Words – No Problem!

It’s the end of the year…  The spelling words are getting more difficult and your child is getting more difficult to convince to practice!  Sound familiar?  Below are great ideas and resources to help you make spelling practice fun!!!  My favorite – Finger Spelling This activity is so much hands on fun! Place a plastic […]

Chalk, Swings, and Beach Balls =’s LEARNING TIME!!!

Here’s to what’s around the corner when all the snow melts! Spring and Summer Learning! Sidewalk Chalk =’s learning… Did you realize all the fun that could be had with a box of chalk from the dollar store? Better yet, did you ever think of the summer learning you could trick your kids into with […]

Get Your Easter Bunny Gummies

I want to share this activity early.  This way you have time to find these Easter Gummies.  I found mine at Sam’s Club.  They are made by Betty Crocker. The little packs are yummy and cute.  See.. . I created a sorting sheet and graph to match the gummy candy.  The sorting is for prek […]

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