June 17, 2024

Do you want to build a snowman cake?

I cannot believe my baby girl is another year old and I am another year blessed with this sweet little girl.

I love making my kids cakes for their Birthday!  This year my daughter wanted an Olaf cake…  first place I went for ideas was pinterest of course.  I found this tutorial that was helpful.   I read it and then used some of the ideas in the post to create my cake.

First I baked 3 round cakes.  You can use a boxed cake or any cake recipe you like.  If you use a box cake use milk instead of water and an extra egg to make it a moister and firmer cake.  wpid-PhotoGrid_1392435731128.jpgI used a circle cookie cutter to cut two circles out of one of the three cakes.  You will have a great amount of wasted cake you can either eat or throw away.  My kids enjoyed some of the unused cake with strawberries and whip cream on Valentine’s Day.  After I cut the two circles, I halved them to form Olaf’s two feet.

I also use a small section of the scraps from the third cake to form his center section.  I lines the two circles up.  Then I found a picture I liked of Olaf online.  I blew it up to the desired size and printed it out on two pages.  I used this as a template to cut the cake to make it Olaf shaped.wpid-PhotoGrid_1392435852669.jpgAbove you can see how I laid the paper right on the cake to cut it.

I used this paper to pipe the black outline onto Olaf.  I would cut it in sections and put it on the cake and use a tooth pick to carve what I needed to pipe.  It worked marvelously!


I iced the side of the cake with my favorite homemade icing.  Then I piped the black on with a small icing tip.

I used store bought Wilton decoration tubes in white, orange, and black to pipe the icing on the cake.  I used white fondant for Olaf’s tooth.  To make the gray inside his mouth I mixed white icing with a little of the black and just smoothed that over the large mouth area.  For his nose I used a large round orange tip and just piled in on in a circle motion so it formed a cone!

I loved the way he turned out and best of all my daughter was thrilled!!!wpid-PhotoGrid_1392436075987.jpg

We also gave out Olaf themed Valentine’s day Cards…

Below you can see mine and my daughters…Olaf Valentine's Day Treats Olaf frozen Valentine

They were fun to make…  I wish I could share the printable, but the graphic is copyrighted and I cannot share because of that!  But it was easy to make.

We used pretzel sticks, two large marshmallows, orange candy, and raisins for pieces.  I have seen an orange tic-tac used as well as the little candy eyes for his eyes.making a snowman

Lots to share in this post…  I love doing themed lunch for the kids and my husband  on Holidays…  Here are pictures of the Valentine’s Day lunch I did this year…  The minion can be printed free at this site…

Fun Valentine's Day lunch It's a minion Valentine Lunch

The lunch includes a Twinkie, strawberries, bagel with strawberry cream cheese, strawberry pudding, strawberry milk, and a heart chocolate…  not the healthiest; but sure to make a healthy smile!!

This post was kind of an overload of junk…  but I am lazy and did not feel like doing a separate post for these three goodies!

What fun ways did you celebrate Valentine’s with your own children or students?