June 18, 2024

Snow Globe Game!

Any room moms out there?  Are you planning a Christmas part / winter party for school???
Here’s a great game I created a few years ago for a Christmas classroom party in kindergarten for my daughter.  It’s the Snow Globe Game!

 This is a free printable you will need to assemble before play. You will also need small white pom-poms (Get these at a craft store). Print enough board games (Page 1 – there are two on a page) for each child in your group. Print a set of cards (Print page 2 twice to make a set). Hand each child a playing board. Put the pom-poms (snowballs) in the middle of the table. The adult holds the playing cards. Students take turns taking a playing card and adding the number of snowballs given on the card to their card. First person to get eight snowballs and fills their globe is the winner. Be careful, you may draw a card that asks you to put a snowball back.