June 16, 2024

A tiny tooth fairy magic


Gotta love my seven year old… she has to ask the tooth fairy for pixie dust.  At Easter she requested a magic wand from the Easter Bunny… Luckily the bunny had purchased a bubble wand that was called MAGIC bunny wand!  Phew!!

How can you not answer such a request… they are only 7 once and only loose their two front teeth once!  Sooooo…..  When I could be watching Big Brother, I am making tiny little letters!


I created a tiny note and a tiny envelope – Click here to print your own little envelope and letter!  I printed them on cardstock.
I wet the dollar bill and spilled a bunch of glitter on it and ta-da – a little magic!
Hopefully she doesn’t sprinkle this stuff on herself in hopes she will fly…  lol!

Now who has some tips for remembering to stuff this under her pillow when I go to sleep tonight?


Phew that is done…  Now onto my DVR and my favorite summer guilty pleasure… anyone else a fan?