September 21, 2023

Kraft Winter Macaroni Shapes

You know I was so excited to find the Halloween shaped macaroni and lots of you had fun with the activity sheets I made to go along with that!  I was even more excited to find the winter version!!!  It’s so fun!  Of course I had to make some free sheets to match!  Yeah!  I have five FREE sheets to share.

Here are 2 pages from the download.  They are pocket chart pieces for if you care to do this lesson with your class before you set them off on their own to explore the pieces.  This helps with the younger kiddos – they really get it after they do it as a class.

Pages 2 and 3 have sorting and graphing activities to use with these shapes.  I put a few of each in a Ziploc and then give each student a bag to work with.  Page 2 is Preschool and Kindergarten level!

Page 3 is first and second grade level.

Page 6 is patterning.  You can even have students glue the correct shape on.

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Teaching Heart Winter Shapes Macaroni Activities – Click to Download!

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