July 19, 2024

April Calendar Printable

O, look… Another free printable coming your way this week from Teaching Heart’s Primary Teacher Timesavers January Through June Set… My-O-My!!!  

This one is an April Calendar activity you can use with your students.  In the past, I have used these types of calendars each month with my students as part of their communication folder.  The calendar is a great way for your students to become familiar with calendar reading.  It also includes some following direction steps which are usually something most need to work on. 

This comes from Teaching Heart’s Primary Teacher Timesavers for January Through June Set…  (Are you getting the theme for the week?  Have I convinced you yet that you need this set? LOL!)
There are more calendars for other months in this set, you can click here to learn more about this awesome resource.  Today you can download April (k-3) by clicing here!

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