June 16, 2024

April Showers Bring Rainbows and Flowers!

April is coming and you know the saying…  April showers bring May Flowers.  Hopefully the April showers will bring a rainbow too. 

Here are a few ideas for learning with Rainbows!!!

A free printable from Teaching Heart – Have a Rainbow Race!!!  Click here to print the printable!
You supply a dice with six colors (you can buy a wooden cube at a craft store and color each side).
Your students roll the dice and place an x in the correct column. They play till a color wins.

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Make a Milk Rainbow…
Provide every child with a shallow container of milk.
Place a couple drops of different food coloring in the milk.
Next have the child dip a toothpick into a little dish soap and then dip it into the milk.
What happens? Try it again!
Watch this how to video!

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A Favorite Rainbow Song
If you want to see a rainbow
(sung to If your happy and you know it)

If you want to see a rainbow, check the sky.
Just as its raining, look up high.
With the sun behind your back,
you will see the colors stacked.
Oh, I love to see a rainbow in the sky!

Make a rainbow cake.  Rebecca shows you how, here!

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