July 12, 2024

Practice Those Facts!!!

Many parents and teachers email me asking ways I suggest you practice addition and subtraction facts with your kiddos.  You can click here and read some of my ideas. 

Below is an idea I gave to my second grade parents.  Teachers you can print this letter from here and hand it out. 

Help Your Child Practice Their Facts

PARENTS: Fact Mastery is very important and is something every first grader should master before the end of the year. Having the facts memorized will help your student when we go on to more complex problems that involve borrowing and carrying. Here is a great way to help your child learn their facts. You may use this suggestion to complete their nightly practice of facts or you may just make flash cards to practice. I suggest this strategy.

Need: 3 envelopes

Index cards


On one envelope write mastered. On the second envelope write practice. On the last envelope write future.

Write one fact on each index card. On the back of the card write the answer. Facts that equal 18 and below are the facts you will need.

Place all of the index cards in the future envelope.

Pick seven cards to place in the practice envelope.

Students, every night for five minutes…

Have an adult show you a card from the practice envelope. If you get the answer correct in three seconds, the adult may place an x on the back of that given fact. Go on to another fact in the practice envelope and repeat until you have gone through all seven facts once.

When you have three X on the fact it may go in the mastered envelope. If you place a fact in the mastered envelope you will need to pick another fact from the future envelope to place in the practice envelope. You always have seven facts in the practice envelope. (Repeat this nightly until all facts are in the mastered envelope) Every so often practice your facts in the mastered envelope.