July 19, 2024

Christmas Cheer!

In this post I will share a recipe and gift idea for the favorite adults in your life! 

I just had a Gingerbread House Making Girls Night Out at my house…  It was everything I dreamed it would be… some of my favorite friends, some cocktails, good food, and Gingerbread House decorating without little hands trying to help!  It was heaven and a great way to kick off the Holiday Hustle.  I came up with an Original Gingerbread Chiller Recipe!!!   Look how yummy!  You want one! 


Add two pieces of ice to shaker.
1/2 shot  Bailey’s
1/2 Shot Kahlua
1/2 Shot Vanilla Vodka
1/2 shot Gingerbread Creamer
1 shot of Half and Half
Pour into Glass.
Top with G-bread Man (They had the marshmallow kind at my local store, but you can use a cookie too!)

Click Here to Print a Recipe Card to set on your bar so your guests can make their own drink.

Check out this cute Christmas Cookie Drink Kit I was given at the party!!!  What a great idea.  A box filled with everything you need to make a favorite drink.  The recipe for the drink was attached.